The AssetAdvantage™ Service Solutions portfolio provides turnkey, customized asset management options for healthcare facilities. Using dedicated people, process, and technology, Hill-Rom will optimize and maximize your fleet of movable equipment—from any manufacturer or rental company—by keeping it clean, patient ready, and always in the right place at the right time.

Utilization Management

Hill-Rom's AssetAdvantage Utilization Management is a turnkey asset utilization program with a contractual efficiency guarantee. Using dedicated people, processes, and technology, Hill-Rom will make sure your equipment is always clean and reliable and that the right equipment is in the right place at the right time. As a result, your hospital will:

Realize CareReturn™ Staff Service — Nurses can spend up to 90 minutes per shift searching for, cleaning, and even hiding equipment. By eliminating the need for nurses to search for or clean equipment, Utilization Management returns patient care time to nurses. The same is true for biomedical technicians who search high and low for equipment in need of scheduled preventative maintenance. AssetAdvantage Utilization Management tracks maintenance schedules and delivers equipment right on queue, eliminating wasteful biomed searching.

Realize Financial Savings — The average hospital achieves an equipment utilization rate of 40-45%. Experience indicates that the optimal rate is twice the average. This means that the average hospital has approximately two times the equipment it needs. With AssetAdvantage Utilization Management the hospital will achieve financial savings by reducing capital and rental expense, as well as maintenance costs and equipment loss.

Gain Peace of Mind — Stop worrying about equipment expenses, purchasing decisions, rental fees, equipment availability, overbilling, etc. Read a Thank You letter from Carole Wiberg (Supply Chain Director at CJW Medical Center) about how Hill-Rom AssetAdvantage Utilization Management kept the hospital running and saved her vacation at the same time.

By tracking every activity on every piece of equipment, AssetAdvantage® Utilization Management provides documented process compliance for JCAHO audits and other process compliance needs.

Utilization Management Guarantee

  • Operational Efficiency is Guaranteed with AssetAdvantage Utilization Management.
  • As part of AssetAdvantage Utilization Management, Hill-Rom conducts a Professional Services Engagement that includes a Utilization Assessment and a Pump Line Capacity Analysis, culminating in a Fleet Right Size Assessment.
  • The average hospital achieves an equipment utilization rate of 35-40%. Experience indicates that the optimal rate is actually twice the average. This means that the average hospital has approximately two times the equipment it needs.
  • Hospitals that implement Hill-Rom's Fleet Right Size recommendation as part of AssetAdvantageSM Utilization Management receive a contractual guarantee that 70% of the hospital owned or leased high-use equipment under management will remain in-use and 10% will be positioned on high-need units for immediate deployment. If a dip in this monthly utilization rate (at average census levels) requires the hospital to rent supplemental equipment to meet patient needs, Hill-Rom will coordinate the rental and pay the bill.


  • TrackStar® Program 6.0 is the Technology backbone of AssetAdvantage Utilization Management.
  • The system uses handheld barcode reader technology to track each equipment activity, including time spent in the various statuses (i.e. Standby, In use, Soiled, Decontamination, BioMed, Lost) and location (Patient Room by Number, Central Supply, Biomed).
  • TrackStar® Program measures the utilization of all equipment, whether owned or rented.
  • TrackStar® Program associates equipment and patients by Interfacing with the hospital ADT and FIS.
  • TrackStar® Program provides patient charge data back to the hospital's FIS.
  • TrackStar® Program offers numerous standard and custom reports.

Biomedical Services

For the ultimate peace of mind, we also offer an uptime guarantee backed by loaners from our rental fleet of over 750 equipment models from 130 manufacturers. With our computerized maintenance management system, you can better manage and track your facility’s medical equipment maintenance history. In addition, we can work with your facility’s safety committee to determine the specific risk factors that fit your equipment usage. We can then develop a medical equipment management plan with scheduled maintenance procedures and intervals. Our expertise and experience can also help you better manage equipment procurement.

Expertise when you need it - When you trust your equipment to Hill-Rom, you can be confident in our processes and people. Our experience in medical equipment rental over the past two decades gives us the ability to deal with a wide range of equipment types and service issues—in fact, we are the trusted service arm for several medical device manufacturers. Hill-Rom regularly services over 200,000 pieces of equipment and has contracts with over 1,000 customers. Because our service technicians are constantly trained in a wide range of equipment categories, you are assured of an expert level of performance at the most up-to-date OEM specifications. We maintain the latest in specialized test equipment.

Achieve Regulatory Compliance - Our comprehensive testing processes help assure that your equipment maintenance program meets or exceeds the latest JCAHO, FDA, ECRI, and NFPA standards. Detailed, regular service reports give you all the information you need, and more—for example, we provide over a dozen measurements on infusion pumps at our depot facility.

Keeping it simple for you - When you rely on our Biomedical Services, you save time and free up your staff for other tasks. Our multi-vendor coverage eliminates the time-consuming complexities of dealing with multiple suppliers and service agreements. For example, hospitals typically own three brands of ventilators; with us, all three can be maintained from a single trusted source.

The level of service you need - Whether you want to outsource all of your biomedical services, or to use our services on a flexible basis, Hill-Rom can provide the service mix that makes the most sense for your facility. Flexible service agreements and billing options are available to fit your needs. If you are not certain of your service needs, or if you would like to try out our services before making a commitment, we provide as-needed service and biomed-for-hire even if you don’t have an existing agreement.

Professional Services

As part of every AssetAdvantage Professional Services Engagement, Hill-Rom provides the following analysis.

Utilization Assessment - By conducting a physical inventory and status assessment of your fleet, we measure your utilization rate and indicate opportunities for financial savings and process improvement.

Pump Line Capacity Analysis - As part of the Utilization Assessment, we evaluate the efficiency of your infusion pump line capacity indicating how many singles, doubles, and triples you require based on your usage patterns.

Fleet Right Size Analysis - Most hospitals operate at 35-40% utilization, as compared to Hill-Rom's guaranteed 70% with an additional 10% positioned on high-need units for immediate deployment. Our Fleet Right Size Analysis indicates what equipment you need and what you don't need.

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