The VisiView® Health Portal

The VisiView® Health Portal

Connecting health care teams and patients with airway clearance therapy needs is the idea behind The VisiView® Health Portal. It receives therapy session data from the Bluetooth®-enabled VisiVest® System. This provides health care teams and patients with accurate timely data so you are able to work as a team and collaborate in making tailored care decisions. 


Your Data Hub transmitter collects and sends the following information:

  • Settings – What settings (Frequency and Pressure) you are using for your therapy?
  • Duration – How long you are doing your therapy?
  • Cough Pauses – How many cough pauses in your therapy sessions?

What does the VisiView Health Portal look like?

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Visit The VisiVest System page to learn more about how The Vest® System, now Bluetooth enabled, works with The VisiView Health Portal.

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