Golvo® 8000 / 8008 Patient Lift

Designed for versatility

Sometimes it's difficult to choose between a mobile lift and an overhead lift.  Liko has simplified that choice with the design success of the Golvo® lift.  

The Golvo patient lift is unique in the fact that it combines the functionality of an overhead lift with the flexibility of a mobile patient lift.  With its vertical lifting principle and pliable lift strap. The Golvo lift offers flexibility and versatility.

The design makes the Golvo lift the ideal mobile lift for ambulation, horizontal lifting and lifting from the floor.  The parallel base-width adjustment facilitates lifting in many different situations; for example, where under-bed clearance is limited, and lifting to and from chairs.  Retractable armrests are standard, reducing the strain on caregivers and improving the courage and security for patients.

The Golvo lift is available in three models; the Golvo 8008 is the most common model, while the Golvo 8000 is smaller and can therefore be used in situations where space may be even more limited.  The Golvo 8008 LowBase lift offers a very low base and is specifically designed for use with beds that have a very low floor clearance.  Together, with a wide range of Liko slings and accessories, the Golvo lift is the ideal mobile for many lifting solutions.


Two Control Options

Two Control Options

This unit offers both a hand control and control panel for operating the lift providing added flexibility when mobilizing your patients.

Flexible Lift Strap

Flexible Lift Strap

The lift strap design gives unique flexibility during the lift and provides space and comfort for patients.

Arm Rests

Arm Rests

Armrests are standard. The Golvo mobile lift combined with this ambulation support accessory provides support to take those first steps while reducing risk of injury to patients and caregivers.

Quick Release Hook

Quick-Release Hook

With Liko Quick-Release Hook system a sling bar or other lifting equipment can be changed quickly and easily.

Base Widening


Parallel and symmetrical base-width adjustment facilitates lifting in many different settings, even where it is otherwise difficult to get close to the patient, while at the same time ensuring optimal stability during the lifting procedure.

Low Base


The Golvo 8008 LowBase mobile lift is a solution designed to work in low clearance applications with emergency stretchers and beds with a floor clearance as low as 2.3 inches.