Sentinel II Bariatric Low Bed

Integrated fall prevention solution to support mobilizing bariatric patients 

Sentinel II Bariatric low bed is an ideal solution to support a range of patients at risk of falls



  • Expandable frame (38”- 48”) to accommodate patient specific needs
  • Adjustable bed length (80”- 84”- 88”)
  • Integrated scale
  • Battery backup
  • One-button chair positioning


  • Low bed height of 10.88” may help limit the risk of falls and patient injury
  • Bed exit alarm supports protocol compliance while integration with nurse call may help improve response to patient falls
  • Pressure redistribution surface provides mobilizing patients with firm surface which may help make ingress and egress safe and easy for falls risk patients

Patient dignity

  • Patient-helper trapeze
  • 850 lbs patient weight capacity

Standard features

  • Expandable width frame and foam surface
  • Bed Exit Alarm capable of nurse call connection
  • Under bed light
  • In-bed scale
  • Battery backup

Optional features

  • Patient helper trapeze

Technical Specifications

Low position—sleep deck to the floor: 10.88"
High position – sleep deck to the floor: 29.6"
Minimum overall width (siderails up): 41"
Minimum overall length: 91.8"
Patient weight capacity: 850 lbs
Sleep Surface
Surface width: 38" – 48"
Surface length: 80" – 84" – 88"

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