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What is an Intelligent Patient Environment?

The intelligent patient environment uses an integrated approach to intelligently design and equip a patient room to enhance outcomes for patients and their caregivers. For more information about Hill-Rom's Design Services, please contact the Construction Solutions Team at 1-844-796-3743.


Does Hill-Rom work with architects to design a new construction or renovated patient room?

Yes. Hill-Rom believes the patient environment and equipment must work together with the caregivers to achieve better outcomes. Hill-Rom takes a systems approach to provide a comprehensive package that combines and connects people, processes and technologies. Our Evidence Based Design Accredited (EDAC) certified design consultants strive to help you create your unique Intelligent Patient Environment. For more information please contact the Design Services Team at 800-445-3730

Where can I find a product specification?

You can find product specifications on the Hill-Rom Construction Solutions website.