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What/Who is Liko?

Liko has been a world-leading patient lift manufacturer which, since the start in 1979, is specialized in developing solutions for simple and safe lifting and transferring.  Hill-Rom acquired Liko in 2008.  Together, Hill-Rom and Liko offer customers a complete solution to patient care and transfers, focusing on improving care quality and caregiver's productivity. Today, the Liko name lives on as the brand of lift and transfer products offered by Hill-Rom. 

What equipment does Hill-Rom offer to support Safe Patient Handling and Mobility (SPHM)?

Hill-Rom offers a variety of solutions to support SPHM, including the Liko® brand of lifts & accessories as well as patient transfer boards, air-assisted patient transfer systems, powered stretchers, and many bed features that contribute to SPHM such as bed-height adjustment, Trendelenburg/boosting, chair egress, turn assist and more. To learn more, visit our Hill-Rom Patient Handling web page. 

Are there standards for patient handling in federal and state laws and/or regulations?

Ten states have enacted Safe Patient Handling and Mobility (SPHM) laws, and they vary considerably. There are no all-encompassing federal laws or regulations that guide the practice of patient handling. 

What is Safe Patient Handling and Mobility?

Safe Patient Handling & Mobility is an industry coined term/phrase referring to policies and programs that enable caregivers to move their patients in a way that does not cause injury and “mobility” to capitalize on the emerging evidence-based concept of early mobility for the patient as an end goal.

Am I able to change my Hill-Rom order once it is placed?

Hill-Rom sales orders may be changed prior to shipment. For additional information or to make any changes, please contact your local Hill-Rom Account Sales Representative or contact our call center at 800-445-3730 and we will be happy to assist you. 

How do I purchase Hill-Rom® products?

To purchase Hill-Rom products for your hospital or facility, please contact Sales & Customer Service at (800) 445-3730.  To purchase products for the home, please contact our Home Care team at (800) 833-4291

What is an Intelligent Patient Environment?

The intelligent patient environment uses an integrated approach to intelligently design and equip a patient room to enhance outcomes for patients and their caregivers. For more information about Hill-Rom's Design Services, please contact the Construction Solutions Team at 1-844-796-3743.


What is the warranty on all Hill-Rom® products?

All Hill-Rom products come with a standard limited warranty. Hill-Rom also offers extended warranties that are optional for additional cost. To view the warranty in its entirety, please view the Hill-Rom Limited Warranty

Is there a VersaCare Bed REV F?

No. The manufacturing process skipped from REV E to REV G.

How accurate is the scale on VersaCare® Bed?

The scale system for the VersaCare Bed has an accuracy of 1% and an operating range of 0 lb to 500 lb (0 kg to 227 kg). The scale display and controls are located on the flip-up control pod on the head-end siderails. 

The scale is very sensitive. The weight reading will be most accurate if the bed is not touching anything. This includes the headwall, lines such as pendant controls, ventilators, or drainage bags. Anything that affects the weight on the bed even slightly will cause an incorrect weight to appear on the display. 

How do I determine pricing for Hill-Rom® Furniture products?

If you have an account established with Hill-Rom, you can obtain pricing by contacting Customer Service at 800-445-3730, option 1.  If you do not have an established account, please contact Customer Service at 800-445-3730, option 1.  You will then be put in contact with your Hill-Rom Sales Representative.

What does Hill-Rom recommend for sheet usage with our Surfaces?

Hill-Rom recommends using the least number of sheets possible to reduce interference with the surface performance. 

How do I select the right support surface for patients at risk for a pressure ulcer?

Surface selection should be based on patient risk factors for moisture and mobility. To help you choose the right surface for the right patient, Hill-Rom offers an interactive surface selection algorithm, based on consensus evidence from a JWOCN publication, which shows which beds fit under which JWOCN categories.  To access the algorithm, please contact a Hill-Rom representative.  You can contact Customer Service at 800-445-3730, option 1 to locate the sales representative in your area.  

For Surfaces and Mattresses, what is Controlled Release Technology?

Controlled Release™ technology enables automatic response to patient movement, creating custom pressure redistribution. As pressure changes, intake/output valves release displaced air to achieve a therapeutic low pressure balance.

How do I engage Intellidrive® XL Power Transport on the Compella™ Bariatric Bed?

On the Transport Pod, press green Transport control to lower the bed into transport position.  A single audible confirmation beep will sound and green indicator light will illuminate to confirm the bed has reached transport mode.  Next, set the green brake pedal to Steer.  A green indicator light will illuminate once brake pedal has been set to steer.  To move the bed, grip blue transport handles and depress green enable switches (push handles to move forward and pull handles to move backwards).