Hospital / Acute Care

Since 1929, Hillrom has gained a wealth of experience in enhancing the outcomes for patients and caregivers in the hospital environment. Products in our extensive portfolio are utilised to facilitate daily patient care, increase mobilisation and reduce length of stay.

On most hospital wards, the need for patient mobilisation and transfers is extensive, causing hospital staff to experience their work environment as very heavy and physically challenging. Caregiver injuries related to patient mobilisation and transfers are very common. The range of products and services offered by Hillrom are designed to mitigate caregiver injury.

Our services

Our professionally trained sales and clinical consultants are able to help you with a specific assessment of patient needs in your hospital. We have a range of services and clinical programmes to help with improved work routines and patient recovery. For more information on our range of services and clinical programmes, contact your local Hillrom representative.

When flexibility and quick access to products are important, Hillrom is able to offer a range of rental solutions to meet your needs, regardless of the care environment - from short-term rental for a specific patient to longer monthly, six-monthly or annual rental periods. Whether for a single product or a facility-wide contract, we can supply a range of products, clinical, technical and information services tailored to meet your individual requirements. Read more about our Rental offering here » 

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