Pressure Ulcer Management

Reduce and manage pressure ulcers

The current prevalence of pressure ulcers is high. Although there has been a decrease in some care settings, 1 in 10 patients in acute care still experience a pressure ulcer, and almost 1 in 20 patients develop a facility-acquired pressure ulcer- costing facilities a significant amount. Demographics factors like age and obesity will continue to contribute to this challenge.

In 1989, Hillrom introduced the International Pressure Ulcer Prevalence (IPUP) survey to assess the number and severity of pressure ulcers occurring in healthcare facilities. Today, IPUP is the largest running pressure ulcer database, with more than 930 facilities and 100,000 patients participating. In just ten years, thanks to aggressive prevention protocols, the IPUP survey indicates a nearly 50% reduction in reduction in pressure ulcer prevalence.

Through science, innovation, and the latest advancements in surface design and testing, Hillrom is committed to helping caregivers reduce facility-acquired pressure ulcers. Our unique, evidence-based surface technologies may help you reach a better outcome for patients in your care.


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