Patient Transport

In or between rooms

Safe and efficient transport of patients to and from X-ray, surgery, rehabilitation and other hospital wards can be a real challenge. Hillrom® is happy to offer a multitude of options to facilitate this task and to avoid both patient and caregiver injuries, in line with our focus on achieving a care environment with No Falls™ and Safe Backs.

First of all, many of our beds have or can be equipped with large castors, with steering wheels or with the smart 5th wheel, all of which make the bed extra easy to manoeuvre. The IntelliDrive® system makes transport in bed even easier by providing motorised support.

A sit-to-stand lift such as the Liko Sabina or the manual assistive device RollOn can be utilised for shorter transfers of patients that have difficulty standing up but can stand with assistance.

Our durable and easy-to-use hospital stretchers encompass virtually any transport or procedural need and come in many different models.

In our Bed Moving Handbook you can read more about how to make your Hillrom® bed even easier to manoeuvre and help save caregiver backs.

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