OctoStretch™ Lift Stretcher

Maximising space during horizontal lifting

The eight-armed OctoStretch™ lift stretcher is one of our most popular horizontal lift accessories, suitable for use in surgical, ICU and radiology departments. The OctoStretch is easy to operate and has a small footprint that makes storage simple.

The OctoStretch can be used with a full lift sheet (available in different sizes) or with 4 lift straps, which help provide better access during hygiene maintenance procedures. If the patient cannot be turned to the side, HandySheets can facilitate the application of the lift sheet.

The OctoStretch´s low overall height enables maximum utilization of the lifting height when coupled with an overhead lift. The unit can simply be left in the maximum elevated position after completed transfer to maximize the patient room's floor space.


Easy To Handle

Easy to handle

The OctoStretch is very light: weighing just 7 kg (15 lb), and has a maximum load of 200 kg (440 lb). It can be used with many different lifts in Hillrom's Liko lift portfolio.

Quick-Release Hook

Quick-release hook

The OctoStretch can be installed with a fixed connection (screw and nut) or with Liko Quick-Release Hook System. The latter requires the lift to be equipped with the Q-link or the Quick-release Adapter.