LikoStretch™ 1900 Lift Stretcher

Safe and quick lifting

Transferring patients horizontally can be a challenge. The LikoStretch™ 1900 lift stretcher helps caregivers move patients safely and quickly. The LikoStretch 1900 is a versatile horizontal lift accessory designed with simplicity in mind.

The LikoStretch 1900 also facilitates patient care by lifting the patient during hygiene routines or changing of the bed sheets without manual lifting or (re)positioning by the caregiver.

With the included leveler, position can easily be adjusted so that the patient lies either horizontally or somewhat higher at the head end.


Quick-Release Hook System

Quick-release hook system

With the Quick-Release Hook System the lift stretcher can be installed easily without tools

Easy To Handle

Easy to handle

The fact that LikoStretch 1900 weighs only 19 kg (42 lb) makes it easy to handle for one person. It can also be folded for convenient storage.

Lift Sheet

Lift sheet

You can choose between a full or a 2-piece lift sheet. The 2-piece lift sheet can be especially suitable in connection with, gynecological, as an example, operations as the lower part can be easily removed.

Self-locking Feature

Self-locking feature

The lift sheet is attached to the stretcher by inserting the straps in the self-locking feature, which is closed with light pressure. The lift sheet can be either placed on the bed before the patient lies down or placed under a patient already lying down by turning the patient or using our HandySheet™.