Hill-Rom® 900 Accella™

Improve safety.  Enhance outcomes. Simplify tasks.

In a complex healthcare environment, hospitals need to maximise the value of their spend, while continuing to deliver quality care. Patients are presenting with more demanding care requirements while clinicians and caregivers need solutions that enhance patient outcomes and make everyday tasks easier.

The Hill‑Rom® 900 Accella™ bed offers a versatile solution to respond to these challenges. With easy‑to‑use functionality, the bed enhances patient outcomes by simplifying care, streamlining essential tasks and improving both patient and caregiver safety.

Hill‑Rom 900 Accella builds off the successful Hill‑Rom 900 platform, with its proven reliability, benefiting from years of performance in hospitals around the globe. Consistent across the entire platform are features designed for patient safety and comfort.

Maximise return on investment by:

  • Offering care facilities the possibility of reducing maintenance and service costs by sharing a common pool of spare parts, service technicians and compatible Hillrom surfaces
  • Standard features such as an industry-leading 4 cm lateral space consumption for siderails, use less space and can be lowered effortlessly with one hand
  • Intuitive bed controls with recognizable iconography and standardised functionality facilitate easier staff training
  • Beds across the entire platform are designed to simplify workflow tasks meaning that caregivers spend less time operating the bed and more time focusing on essential patient care


  • Caregivers can respond more rapidly with Auto CPR, which flattens the back rest and automatically places the bed into a horizontal position, should patient complications occur.
  • Optimise patient care with Head-of-Bed Angle Alarm, ensuring compliance of local protocols.
  • Simple Weigh improves workflow efficiency by excluding the weight of hanging accessories and IV poles, therefore reducing the steps needed to obtain patient weight.
  • Bright and easy-to-use Graphical Caregiver Interface (GCI) offers straightforward visuals of patient information, such as head-of-bed angle and other caregiver alarms.
  • Optional in-bed x-ray, via a selection of Hillrom therapeutic surfaces.
  • 3-mode Bed Exit Alarm, alerts caregivers of potential bed exit events