Compella™ Bariatric Bed

Advancing bariatric care

With a third of the population now considered overweight or obese, the bariatric patient population represents a growing segment of hospital patients worldwide.  Research* shows that effective hospital design plays a crucial role in bariatric care, with proper equipment and standardized care protocols considered essential in providing the best physical and emotional care for patients. 

The new Compella Bariatric bed offers caregivers the ability to effectively care for patients of size with innovative features that enhance patient dignity, drive efficiency and ease of use and provide safe patient care.

When caring for patients of size in an acute care setting, one of the greatest challenges is to ensure that the patient is treated like any other patient – with the dignity and respect they deserve.  Compella offers caregivers the ability to maintain dignity for patients of size, by providing a care setting with a bed designed to resemble a standard hospital bed. Additionally, industry-leading features mean that caregivers can care for patients independently, and that patients feel a greater sense of self-sufficiency when using Compella.


  • Reduce caregiver strain and workload through one-button powered width expansion and FlexAfoot™ allowing for quick configuration of the bed
  • Drive efficiency and ease of use with SlideGuard™ designed to minimise the occurrence of the patient sliding down in bed
  • Ensure safe patient care with the optional IntelliDrive™ XL Power Transport, which offers caregivers the ability to move the bed and patient with ease
  • Optimise patient care with head-of-bed alarm and optional 3-mode bed exit alarm that alerts caregivers of any safety concerns
  • The sturdy siderails, low bed position combined with seat deflate and ergonomic controls provide patients the confidence to safely enter and exit the bed with greater independence and dignity
  • The in-bed scale means caregivers can monitor patient weight from the comfort of the bed
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*Wignall D. Design as a Critical Tool in Bariatric Patient Care. Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology 2008;2(2):263-267.