CareAssist™ ES Bed

Providing quality care with dependable technology

The CareAssist™ ES Bed provides essential and dependable technologies for delivering effective quality care. The CareAssist ES med surg bed provides easy to use solutions to help caregivers manage patient safety, comfort, and positioning. With its transport capabilities and easy maintenance, this med surg bed meets the fundamental needs of the care setting.


  • SafeView™ alerts
  • Bed exit monitoring system with Hillrom’s patented three-level detection algorithms
  • Nightlight
  • Audible “brake not set” alarm
  • SlideGuard™ bed articulation technology with autocontour
  • Electric vascular foot position
  • Integrated scale
  • Point-of-Care™ nurse controls
  • One-button dining chair™
  • Automatic battery backup
  • SideCom™ nurse call and entertainment controls
  • One-hand bed extender
  • Connectivity option

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