Art of Care™ Overbed Tables


Compatible design

Hill-Rom's Art of Care™ Overbed Tables feature a low profile design that accomodates most of today's hospital beds. The rounded corners and limited exposed parts make the tables easy to clean and maintain to satisfy infection control protocols.


Tuning fork base

The low profile tuning fork base fits easily under beds, even with power transport.
New optional low profile base fits under more bed substructures.

Mirror/storage module

Cleans easily, and is made of break-resistant acrylic. Affixed to top of table for easy access to storage.

Easy to clean break-resistant acrylic makes this OBT robust. Everything in its place and a place for everything, patient’s love the easy-access mirror storage module.

Fixed caregiver module

Bringing caregiver tools under control, the fixed caregiver module remains stationary while table is raised and lowered. Features two bins and laptop storage.

Braille on all touch points

Built for every patient, convenient descriptions for patients, guests or caregivers.

Steel column

Quiet and strong, the steel column raises and lowers table quietly with minimal effort.

Model Features


  • Dual food service tray—standard
  • Top flat end caps (style 3.4.5 and 6)
  • Thermofoil top
  • Cup holders—two standard (style 1 and 2)
  • Fixed caregiver surface and storage—optional
  • Mirror/storage—optional
  • Braille—standard
  • New low profile base optional
  • Tuning fork base
  • Single top with three top option configurations
  • Thermofoil top
  • Fixed caregiver surface and storage—optional
  • Mirror/storage—optional
  • Tuning fork base
  • Braille—standard
  • Low profile base -- optional
  • Single top
  • “C” base
  • Easy roll casters
  • Thermofoil top


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