Procedural Stretcher

Ease of use and versatility

Hill-Rom’s Procedural Stretcher is ideal for the dynamic environment of the Emergency Room, PACU***, Operating Room and Ambulatory Surgery facilities, where its reliability, versatility and durable exterior are essential.

We understand that today’s caregiver works in a chaotic environment dominated by endless challenges and demands, and Hillrom offers a procedural stretcher with all of the options you will need to effectively care for your patients.  


Hill-Rom’s Procedural Stretcher has been designed for versatility and ease of use needed for the caregivers ever changing environment and patient population. Key features of Hillrom’s Procedural Stretcher are:


BackSaver Fowler® feature 

This BackSaver Fowler feature assists you in raising and lowering the head of the stretcher.

*Includes Manual knee gatch 


Active hand brake

Stopping power is at your fingertips with the hand brake option.


Four-sided brake and steer pedals

Never leave your patients side with the easy to access Four Sided Brake and steer available as an option on all Hillrom® Stretchers.


Push handles with integrated IV pole cradle

IV Pole Cradle allows you to transport additional lines while keeping you focused on the safety of your patient.


Integrated utility tray

Now there is somewhere to store your patient's belongings and medical supplies, with this large and easy-to-access utility tray.


Integrated O2 tank holder

Keep your patients oxygen tank out of the way with this integrated O2 tank holder. Never worry about where to store your oxygen tanks again.

  • 317.5 kg (700 lb) weight capacity
  • Low height 52.6 cm (20.7")
  • Auto Contour™ feature helps prevent patient migration
  • Integrated dual display scale (lbs/kgs simultaneously)**
  • Integrated IV pole transport holder
  • Next generation Steering Plus™ system
  • Redundant-locking, four-wheel brakes
  • Power washable
  • 66 cm (26") width or 76 cm (30”) width
  • Brake/Steer pedals – head and foot
  • Brake/Steer pedals – all four sides*
  • Foot end hi/lo hydraulic pedals
  • Removable IV pole - 2 stage
  • Permanent IV pole - 3 stage*
  • Zero Transfer Gap Tucking Siderails
  • Radiolucent deck*
  • Radiolucent surface with Upright Chest X-Ray Cassette Holder*

* Optional feature
** Optional feature only available for countries which do not require a CE mark
*** PACU - Post anaesthesia care unit


Therapeutic support systems: foam

  •  7.6 cm (3”) or 10 cm (4") density foam mattress with fire barrier*
  • 12.7 cm (5") Comfortline® multi-density foam with fire barrier*