OB GYN Stretcher

Fast and easy patient positioning

With its fast and easy patient positioning, Hillrom’s OB GYN Stretcher is ideal for use in both maternity and emergency situations. Built to last, this maternity stretcher offers outstanding mobility, convenience and quality.


This versatile stretcher provides outstanding mobility, comfort, and quality. Mobility features include an optional Active Hand, an integrated IV pole transport device and the Steering Plus™ system for crisp cornering and control.

Convenient features such as integrated foot supports, stowaway foot section, sliding litter, and optional catch basin help caregivers get more done faster. Heavy-gauge, automotive-grade steel reinforced frames provide both long-lasting quality and a 317.5 kg (700 lb) weight capacity to handle patients of varying sizes.

Four-sided brake and steer pedals

Never leave your patients side with the easy to access Four Sided Brake and steer available as an option on all Hillrom® Stretchers.

Integrated foot supports

The telescoping design of these integrated foot supports is not only efficient, but incredibly durable.

Active hand brake

Stopping is at your fingertips with the hand brake option.

  • 317.5 kg (700 lb) weight capacity
  • Sliding patient litter
  • Integrated catch basin*
  • Next generation Steering Plus™
  • Dual-locking four-wheel brakes
  • Zero Transfer Gap Tucking Siderails
  • Power washable
  • Sliding litter 
  • Integrated foot supports
  • No-lift stowaway foot section
  • Active hand brake
  • Integrated IV pole transport device 
  • Brake/Steer pedals – head and foot
  • Push handles
  • Permanent IV pole – 3 stage (head only)
  • 76.2 cm (30") width
  • Radiolucent deck
  • 7.6 cm (3") high density foam mattress with fire barrier
  • Integrated telescoping calf supports
  • Bumper colors – choice of neutral, blue, red, teal or purple

* Optional feature