The Evidence Shows That Patients Benefit

Early mobility therapy can help you improve your patient’s health as well as your hospital's bottom line. These studies help show the benefits, and you can view them on the Clinical Resource Center

Results of Morris, et al29
  • ICU LOS decreased by 1.4 days
  • Hospital LOS decreased by 3.3 days
  • No adverse events reported
  • No cost difference
Results of Titsworth, et al30
  • Hospital LOS reduced 28%
  • NICU LOS reduced by 13%
  • VAP rate reduced to zero
  • HAI's reduced by 60%
Results of Winkelman, et al.31
  • 5 fewer days of ICU LOS
  • 3 fewer ventilator days
  • 1st exercise 3 days sooner
Results of Balas, et al.32
  • Fewer ventilator days
  • Shorter duration of ICU delirium
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