Progressive Mobility™ Program

The evidence is in, and early mobility therapy can help you improve your patient's health as well as your hospital's bottom line. But, it's not so simple.

That's where we can help. We've designed the Progressive Mobility™ Program to help make it easier for you to implement an early mobility protocol in your ICU. It's built on the most recent clinical evidence, checked by national thought leaders, and provides the practical tools you need to get your patients moving.

The program offers:



  • Staff training with optional CE hours
  • Realistic case studies and skills tests
  • Train-The-Trainer toolkit designed to empower you to scale the program
  • Review current practices
  • Educate the team
  • Communicate often
  • Measure progress
  • Celebrate success


Let us show you how to get started. View the toolkit on the Clinical Resource Center

Please contact a Hillrom representative to learn more