Hillrom Safe Transfers and Movement™ Program


The pressure on healthcare is increasing as the number of patients grows, their mobility decreases and they need more care. This means that healthcare organisations not only need to look after their patients, but their main asset (the healthcare staff) also needs looking after.

An effective ergonomics policy is therefore needed to prevent absenteeism and related costs.Patient handling challenges can have a big impact on your facility/organisation for both patients and caregivers not only from a financial point of view, but also in terms of quality, comfort and safety. To address all factors that are connected to these challenges we now offer you this programmatic approach that will make a difference in achieving a safe patient handling environment.

Hillrom is committed to helping you reach your safe patient handling goals related to staff, patients, and finance. To assist you, we have created the Safe Transfers and Movement™ Program. Whether you are just beginning to evaluate the business case for a safe patient handling program, are ready to implement your program, or have a program in place that you want to evaluate, Hillrom has tools to assist you. Our collection of customisable tools, industry-standard resources, and educational materials have been carefully selected and organised to help you at every stage of your journey. The Safe Transfers and Movement™ Program is intended to be facility driven, and we urge you to take ownership of the program and make it your own, by adapting these recommendations and materials to best support the individual needs of your facility.



7 Essential Elements of the Safe Transfers and Movement™ Program Toolkit

All the tools and resources within the Safe Transfers and Movement™ Program-Toolkit have been strategically sorted into 7 essential elements to coincide with important milestones in implementing a safe patient handling program. These elements address the unique challenges and needs associated with each stage of program implementation.

If you would like more in-depth help for the development of your program, Hillrom offers additional consultancy services, including:

  • Live, comprehensive facility assessments to identify your patient handling high-risk areas and equipment needs
  • Safe Patient Handling Program Development Workshops

To learn more about the Safe Transfers and Movement™ Program or Hillrom's consultancy services, please contact a Hillrom sales representative.