Welcome to Hill-Rom Canada


Welcome to Hill-Rom Canada

We're a company that draws on a heritage of more than 80 years of innovation and excellence to provide solutions that enhance outcomes for patients and their caregivers.  Our roots are in the ideas first set forth in 1929 by our founder William A. Hillenbrand, who had a dream to "bring the home into the hospital." Since that time, we have become an industry leader and a trusted partner to health care providers, caregivers, and patients around the world.

We have had a presence in Canada since 1946, when we first started manufacturing healthcare furniture and hospital beds.  Today, we continue to bring the passion, dedication and innovation that matter and make a difference in the lives of those we touch.

Thank you for your interest in Hill-Rom Canada, as each and every day, we work to enhance outcomes for patients and their caregivers.



Wayne Flynn

GM & VP of Hill-Rom Canada