Meeting the needs of each individual patient 

The Liko® AmputeeSling, model 70/75, is designed for safe and secure lifting of patients with amputated legs. Designed to support double-leg amputations, the AmputeeSling is also suitable for single leg amputees as well as for patients with contractures. The design of the sling is narrower and reclined, perfect for slender patients who are not amputees.

The AmputeeSling offers a sitting posture that is slightly reclined with the leg supports applied parallel to each other under both thighs. (Thighs may also be lifted separately, as needed.) Model 75 comes equipped with a head support.


Recommended especially for

  • Patients with high, double-leg amputations.
  • Slender patients who are not amputees. Patients with contractures (also fetal position).

Before lifting, keep the following points in mind:

Sizes medium and large are relatively small, i.e. medium fits a slender person. The AmputeeSling can be specially ordered in any of the fabrics in our assortment.


As an alternative to the Amputee Sling for lifting leg amputees, many of the Liko slings can be used, depending on: the degree of amputation, sling application, and type of lifting situation.
We recommend one of the following: