Sabina® II Mobile Lift

An adjustable and versatile sit-to-stand lift 

Versatile by design, Sabina® II mobile lift differs from other sit-to-stand lifts. Its cleverly engineered accessories provide several unique application opportunities in one and the same lift. Sabina II lift meets the needs of a wide range of patients by offering the ability to adapt each raising or lifting operation to the capabilities of the individual patient.

Adjustable height levels accommodate patients of most sizes, and those who are sensitive to underarm pressure may use a Comfort SlingBar and ComfortVest™ in combination with Sabina II lift. The lift may also be used as a conventional patient lift for lifting in the sitting position. Easily exchangeable sling bars offer added convenience. 


Sling Bars

Exchangeable sling bars

The Sabina lift has easily exchangeable sling bars. The most common is the narrow sling bar (350 SlingBar) which is used in combination with Liko® SupportVest or Liko® SafetyVest. With the wider comfort slingbar which is used in combination with ComfortVest™, which allows lifting outside the arms and around the upper body.

Adjustable Height

Adjustable height

The Sabina II lift has adjustable height levels for different-sized patients.

Technical Specifications

Maximum load
Active lifting: 440lbs
Passive lifting: 330lbs
Material: Powder-painted steel
Total: 100lbs
Heaviest removable part: 50lbs
Standard front: 3" twin wheel
Standard back: 3" individual wheel fitted with brake
Foot rest: Removable
Lower-leg support: Adjustable in terms of height and depth, removable
Turning diameter: 46.5"
Emergency lowering device: Mechanical and electrical
Lifting interval
SlingBar 350: 32.5"
Comfort SlingBar: 30.9"
Lifting speed (without load)
SlingBar 350: 2.13 inch/sec
Comfort SlingBar: 2.1 inch/sec
Maximum noise output: 46 dB(A)
Protection class: IP X4
Operating forces of controls: 2.4 N
Intermittent operation: Int. Op 10/90, active operation max 2 min. Only 10% of a given length of time may be active, yet no more than 2 min.
Batteries: 2 x 12 V 2.9 Ah. Valve-regulated lead-acid gel-type batteries. New batteries are provided by the supplier.
Battery charger: Built-in charger for 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, max 400 mA.
Lift motor: 24 V 9,2 A, permanent magnetic motor with mechanical safety mechanism
Motor base: 24 V, 5 A, permanent magnetic motor