Hill-Rom® and Liko® Courses

Fundamental training to begin application

Hill-Rom® and Liko® eLearning courses provide the fundamental basics of operation and application. These courses are a precursor to in-service training and a great tool for annual and remedial training. Facilities may work with internal IT departments to link directly to this page or the individual courses in order to offer access to facility staff members from their own intranet pages.

Hill-Rom® Courses


Advanta™ 2 Med-Surg Bed »

Affinity® 4 Birthing Bed »
CareAssist® ES Bed »
Compella™ Bariatric Bed »
Clinitron® Bed »
Excel Care® ES Bariatric Bed »
MetaNeb® System Training »
Progressa® bed system »
TotalCare® bed system »
VersaCare A.I.R.® »
VersaCare® Non Air »

Liko® Courses


Likorall™ Operation

Likorall™ Lifting
Golvo® Operation
Golvo® Lifting
Viking® Operation
Viking® Lifting
Sabina® Operation
Mobile Lift Operation
Liko® M220 / M230 Operation
Liko® M220 / M230 Lifting
RollOn™ Overview
LikoLight® Operation
LikoLight® Lifting