NaviCare® Patient Safety Application

Safety alert monitoring for improved protocol compliance

The ability to access data from medical devices is only the first step to improved patient safety. To fully realize the value of the data, you need to be able to define what “safe” looks like and alert to unsafe conditions. 

With the NaviCare® Patient Safety Application, we can help you do just that… all without pressing a button.

  1. Assign patient risk by pulling it directly from the patient’s electronic medical record.

  2. Activate safety settings on the bed* based on patient presence and patient risk.

  3. Alert caregivers when the bed is in a state that is unsafe for a patient of a given risk type.

  4. Automatically cancel and suppress alerts based on caregiver presence in the patient room.

  5. Alarms automatically reset when the caregiver leaves the patient room.


*Compatible with the VersaCare® Bed and NaviCare® Nurse Call.

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