Viking® S Patient Lift

An affordable and lightweight patient lift for everyday use

The Viking® S mobile lift is a small and narrow mobile lift that is popular in long term care and homecare settings. This lift will handle many common lifting situations. It can be used for lifts to and from the toilet, between bed and wheelchair, and to and from the floor. Like all lifts in the popular Viking series, the Viking S lift is made of lightweight, environmentally friendly and easy to clean aluminum. It weighs just 59 lbs (27 kg), and its lifting capacity is 350 lbs (160 kg). The Viking S lift can be used with  the full range Liko® slings and other Liko lift accessories. 



Like many of our products, the Viking S lift is made of aluminum – a light, strong and environmentally-friendly material.

Base Width

The base width can be easily adjusted with a lever.

Height Settings

With its three different height settings, the Viking S lift can be easily adapted to different lifting situations.