Hill-Rom® Hand Hygiene Compliance Solution

Hand hygiene is the simplest, most effective measure for preventing nosocomial (hospital-associated) infections; yet on average, compliance by health care workers to recommended hand hygiene procedures usually is estimated at less than 50%.1

 Hill-Rom’s Hand Hygiene Compliance Solution can help.

Our new hand hygiene compliance solution provides automatic monitoring of hand-hygiene and washing events, 24/7.

Hand hygiene monitoring made easy. Watch the video below to see how it works.

An Investment in a Hand Hygiene Compliance Solution Today Grows with You Tomorrow

The Hill-Rom® Hand Hygiene Compliance Solution can use the same hardware and devices as other Hill-Rom real-time locating solutions. When you invest in hand hygiene monitoring today, you can build from the same infrastructure to add broader staff locating, asset tracking, temperature monitoring and patient locating tomorrow.



Easy to Implement

  • Caregivers simply wear a lightweight badge, and go about their normal hand-hygiene activities
  • No change to established washing behavior or your hospital’s hand-hygiene protocols
  • Proactive alerts to staff for potential “missed” hand-hygiene opportunities

Easy to Report

  • Provides evidence-based data to support Joint Commission reporting
  • Supports process-improvement initiatives
  • Visibility to hand-hygiene event data at all levels, from hospital to individual staff

Easy to Install

  • Cable-free installation
  • Minimal disruption to rooms and/or unit
  • Leverages existing hand sanitizer and soap dispensers

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