Hand Hygiene Compliance Solution Program


Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring Program Overview

The Hill-Rom Hand Hygiene Compliance Solution provides 98% or greater accuracy in capturing hand hygiene events.1
Healthcare-associated infections are a serious problem for patients, caregivers and facilities alike. Better hand-hygiene has been shown to reduce these infections and reduce the transmission of microorganisms.2 Our Hand Hygiene Compliance Solution provides automatic monitoring of hand-hygiene and washing events, 24/7.

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Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring Program Clinical Outcome Goals


To help prevent 1 in 25 patients from contracting a hospital-acquired infection, we've created a program that will enhance your current program or help build a new one. Our evidence-based, thought-leader created program can help you design, implement and measure the clinical and financial outcomes associated with the work you will do. Using the Hand Hygiene Monitoring Program can help your patients in many ways by:

  • Reducing costs associated with hospital-acquired infections and shorter length of stay.

  • Simplifying compliance with Joint Commission reporting.
  • Increasing compliance with hand-hygiene policies and procedures.

  • Creating fewer hospital-acquired infections.

  • Reducing mortality.
The Hill-Rom® Hand Hygiene Compliance Solution was shown to increase compliance by 250% across three hospitals.3

Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring Program - Resources

We have key resources you need to implement the program and enhance the quality of patient care.

  • Calculate potential return on investment with an evidence-based financial impact model. 
  • Foster a new culture around hand-washing with change management planning.
  • Provide in-the-moment feedback to caregivers on their hand-hygiene compliance.
  • Measure and help sustain clinical and financial success with the Impact Tracker® Quality Improvement Program.


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