LikoGuard™ L / XL Overhead Lift

The LikoGuard L & XL overhead lift system will offer a selection of industry-leading features in the healthcare marketplace.

Built with experience and innovation, the LikoGuard overhead lift combines powerful performance and enhanced safety design features, honouring the safe patient handling heritage of the brand

LikoGuard features include a newly-designed 450 SlingGuard™ slingbar that encourages the correct placement of sling loops for greater confidence in safe patient mobilisation, as well as a patented emergency stop and lowering mechanism.  Additional features include a new lightweight lithium-ion environmentally-friendly battery, new hand controls and a greater Safe Working Load compared to previous models.


Sling Bar

Sling bar

Redesigned 450 SlingGuard™ slingbar, built to enhance patient safety with a patented design unique to the marketplace.

Emergency Lowering

Manual emergency stop and lowering

Innovative emergency stop and manual emergency lowering mechanism that is easy to reach, engage and operate with no tools, ladder or force needed.

High SWL

High safe working load

272kg for the LikoGuard L and 363kg for the LikoGuard XL The LikoGuard supports the transfer and movement of patients to a maximum of 363 kg. Proper use of the LikoGuard leads to fewer patient and caregiver injuries.

Hand Control

Hand control

Two choices of IPX7* certified hand controls, one LED and one LCD backlit display Both easy-to-use hand controls features battery-, service- and overload-indication. Advanced and intuitive LCD hand control offers graphical user interface with tracking of user and service data

(*protection class rating for water resistance)

Li-Ion Battery Technology

Lithium-ion battery

Lightweight, environmentally friendly with low self-drainage and deep discharge protection.

Lift Strap

Lifting intervals

The LikoGuard lift system offers lift intervals of 230cm and supports quick release hooks, fixed sling bars and stretchers.



Choice of on-wall or in-rail charger



Compatible with selected existing Liko slings, rails and accessories.