HandySheet™ Manual Transfer Aid

Easier sling application

The HandySheet™ manual transfer aid facilitates sling application by reducing friction between the patient and the underlying surface. It is particularly suitable for extremely heavy patients, pain-sensitive patients or patients with contractures. Constructed of high-quality, low-friction fabric, the HandySheet accessory retains good sliding capacity even after long-term use and repeated launderings.

The sheet is available in two sizes: the smaller model (short) facilitates application of a sling in a wheelchair or under the legs of the patient. The larger, long model can be used to place a sling under a fully reclined patient, and features bed attachment loops that enable its use with just two caregivers. Designed for use in pairs, the HandySheet manual transfer comes in a two-sheet set.


  • The fabric is of very high quality, with very low friction even after washes.
  • The long version of the HandySheet accessory have loops in the upper edge to facilitate the attachment to the bed, reducing the number of caregivers required to hold the sliding sheet. This feature is unique to the HandySheet manual transfer aid.
  • The short HandySheet accessory has small pockets which facilitate the application in, for instance, a narrow wheelchair.
  • We have developed work methods which facilitate the application of sliding sheets and which are also comfortable for the patient. With our method the patient does not have to be turned in the bed to place the sliding sheet.