Hillrom® Safe Skin™ Pressure Ulcer Education Programme


With prevalence rates as high as 13.9 % and the cost for treating facility-acquired wounds on the rise, pressure ulcers can have serious outcomes for both patients and care providers around the world. Hillrom have together with the world renowned Department of Dermatology and Wound Healing at Cardiff University developed the Safe Skin Pressure Ulcer Education Programme to help educate our customers about the factors that lead to pressure ulcers, and how these can be avoided.

The online access provides a flexible approach to learning about pressure ulcer management. Modular in design, it allows users to choose topics of their choice at a pace that is convenient to them. Each module encourages the participant to use a three step process of reflection on learning with a self-assessment at completion, awarding a printable certificate if a score of 80% is achieved.

If you would like access to our Safe Skin Pressure Ulcer Education Programme or have any questions about the Education Programme, please contact your local Hillrom Sales or Marketing representative.