Accelerated patient recovery is a better outcome.

For critically ill ICU patients, prolonged periods of immobility present several obstacles to healing. Immobile patients are often at higher risk of developing pressure ulcers, respiratory complications and other adverse outcomes. Hillrom believes that using multidisciplinary teams in the development of an institution’s early mobility procedures and protocols can help accelerate patient recovery and improve outcomes. That’s one of the reasons why we developed Progressive Mobility ™ Therapy.

Progressive Mobility Therapy is a graduated recovery process designed to get patients on their feet faster and shorten their length of stay, both in the ICU and in the hospital. Our portfolio of therapeutic products helps promote independent breathing, orthostatic conditioning, and leg strength. One study of Progressive Mobility protocol use showed patients spending 4.1 fewer days in the ICU, and 2.9 fewer days of mechanical ventilation. The result: less recovery time for patients, and a reduced risk of complications.