Surgical Equipment

Hillrom is proud to offer high-quality surgical equipment, surgical instruments and medical supplies.

Allen produces technologically advanced surgical positioning equipment that enhances surgical access. Their positioning systems are customized for a broad range of clinical specialties, including Spine, Orthopedics, Gynecology, Laparoscopy, and Urology. Manufactured with patient and caregiver safety in mind, Allen’s products also include a line of surfaces and accessories to help you achieve a better outcome. Learn more about our surgical offering through 
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Aspen Surgical is a leading worldwide manufacturer of medical supplies and surgical products. They are the brand behind the brands you trust in the O.R. From the floor to the ceiling, Aspen Surgical is there, to help safeguard patients and staff. Their extensive portfolio of specialty medical products and surgical instruments includes Bard-Parker® Blades and Scalpels, O.R. Accessories, Patient and Staff Safety Products, Wound Care Products, and Instrument Care Products. Learn more about our patient and staff safety offering at
Trumpf Medical is the newest brand from Hillrom (acquired in August 2014). the German-based Trumpf Medical offers a technologically advanced range of OR products and services, with a reputation for brand quality. Its offerings includes flexible and modular OR tables, special purpose furnishings for OR settings and intensive care units as well as innovative OR lighting technologies and camera, video management, integration and surgical assistance systems. Trumpf Medical is regarded the world over as an innovative leader in medical technology. Its milestones include the first installations of ceiling pendant systems in 1978, the development of the patented OR table coupling point system in 1997, the world's first OR lights with LED technology in 2005 and the market launch of the first modular ceiling-mounted supply unit in 2010. With its line of intelligent products, the company today is revolutionising work processes in the OR, the intensive care unit and associated clinical areas, providing hospitals with ideal support in delivering efficient and safe care to their patients. Learn more about Trumpf Medical’s surgical offering at