Envision® E700 Therapeutic Surface

Eliminating the guesswork in safe skin care

The Hillrom® Envision® surface is the peace of mind solution for managing pressure, moisture, friction and shear in patients at high risk of skin breakdown. Designed to address all four key factors affecting pressure injury healing, it is the surface of choice for caregivers wanting to provide an ideal safe skin environment for their compromised patients.


  • Advanced Microclimate® Technology helps manage heat and moisture to keep the patient comfortable and less susceptible to skin breakdown.
  • Unique technology uses independent air cells to immerse and envelop for best-in-class pressure redistribution
  • The Shear Relief® System couples a real-time pressure redistribution algorithm with multi-layered material designed to minimize the effects of shear and friction during patient movement and bed articulation

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 84.5" x 35.5" x 10.875"(VersaCare and TotalCare)
84.5" x 35.5" x 8" (Flat Deck)
Therapeutic Patient Weight Limit 400 lb (181 kg)
Weight 65 lbs
Flammability Boston IX-11, CAL 129, 16CFR1633, 16CFR1632, CAN/CGSB 4.2#27.7
Control Unit
Length 13.75"
Width 14.5"
Height 8.5"
Weight 21 lbs.

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