Hill-Rom® Stretcher Portfolio


Go Beyond Mobility™

A rush to the operating room is not just about running down hallways and turning corners. It’s about the minute details that contribute to a safe and comfortable experience for both you and your patient.

Because stretchers have to accommodate all patient conditions, as well as your functional needs in an uncertain environment, our stretchers provide more than mobility for you and your patient: 



A safe and comfortable patient experience

Patients are spending more time on stretchers, and as a result, the patient experience including pressure injury prevention, has become increasingly important.


Simple and safe maneuvering

Whether you’re making crisp turns down narrow halls, getting the stretcher rolling from a stop, or nestling it into a crowded elevator, our stretchers are ideal in any setting. Hillrom Stretchers are easy to maneuver to help reduce your risk of injuries.


Durability to withstand your demands

At Hillrom, we understand that because caregivers have to do more with less, having a reliable and durable product is more important than ever.