NaviCare® Nurse Call

NaviCare® Nurse Call collects the information that matters, identifies opportunities to improve care and delivers actionable insight to caregivers and patients -- all supported by clinicians every step of the way.


Patient safety and satisfaction

Proactive alerts about the patient, room, and bed status can be sent directly to caregivers, through nurse call or wireless devices, to provide the real‐time information needed to drive patient safety and satisfaction.

Caregiver productivity

NaviCare Nurse Call provides patient information to caregivers where and when they need it, giving them more time to deliver direct, quality care. Innovations such as the graphical touch screen patient station, automated patient surveillance, and industry‐leading integrated staff locating may help improve caregiver adoption of technology.

Enhanced clinical applications

  • Status Board: Real-time bed status monitoring of the bed exit alarm, head rails, foot rails, brakes, head-of-bed angle, and weight

  • NaviCare Patient Safety: Automated risk protocol monitoring to help minimize falls, pulmonary and skin complications

  • Staff Locating: Caregiver presence enables automatic call and alarm suppression

  • EMR Integration: Bi-directional digital data integration between nurse call, smart beds, EMR systems and wireless devices

  • Reporting: Reports that enable caregiver efficiency, provide answers to frequent questions and enhance the patient experience

  • Wireless Handsets: Directly sends nurse calls and bed events, like bed exit alarms, to caregivers' handsets ensuring caregivers have a continuous pulse on patient needs

When you choose Hillrom for nurse call, you are investing in more than a nurse call system. You are investing in a platform for clinical automation that will grow with you, when you are ready and at your pace of change.

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