Staff Locating

Measurable responsiveness

Hill-Rom's industry leading locating technology helps to provide caregivers enhanced workflow solutions to help drive improved staff efficiency with direct staff-to-staff communication, patient-to-staff communication, and call cancellation. Calls and alerts are immediately directed to the appropriate caregiver and automatic alarm suppression is activated while delivering patient care to reduce overhead paging and excess noise that can disturb the patients’ healing environment.

Staff Locating automatically tracks a series of performance metrics to provide real-time clinical insight for continuous improvement. Reports can include real-time dashboards for caregiver response times, call reports, patient safety reports, and rounding scorecards. Reports are proactively e-mailed to administrators in the hospital and are available on any PC on your hospital network for continuous improvements in resources and care.


Proving insight on:

  • Staff Responsiveness
  • Patient Call Demand
  • Time in Patient Room
  • Time in Non-Patient Areas

Improve the patient experience and HCAHPS scores by:

  • Enabling quieter environments
  • Improving caregiver response times
  • Improving overall patient experience 

Drive efficiency at the point of care with:

  • Automatic call cancellation
  • Routing calls to the right caregiver instantaneously
  • Reducing time spent trying to locate staff
  • Connect to patients from any location

Provide insight for continuous improvement with:

  • Real-time dashboards to drive day-to-day performance
  • Enterprise reporting on patient care metrics to identify opportunities for improvement


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