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What we believe

For over 90 years, Hillrom has been devoted to improving outcomes for patients and their caregivers. And, for almost twenty years, as Hillrom’s software and IT division, we have been on the leading edge delivering outstanding products and services.


We protect patients by anticipating care

We believe…in an open platform that collects the information that matters in the patient environment. Importantly, our customers define what matters. Whether it is data from beds, nurse call, infusion pumps, locating systems, vital signs monitors or something else, we will bring it all together in a way that minimizes costs and complexity while maximizing utility.

We believe…that you must build upon the data being collected to identify opportunities to improve care. In isolation, data has no value. It is only when data is analyzed to identify key insight and opportunities that care can be impacted. Whether it is for fall prevention, improved patient engagement, hospital-acquired infection prevention or early mobility, we are focused on helping you glean insight from data that improve care.

We believe ….in using our decades of clinical and workflow experience to deliver actionable insight to caregivers and patients. Whether it be via reports, real-time status boards, text messages, calls, sound, lights or notifications, we configure communication protocols to best meet the workflow of your hospital and to minimize alert and alarm fatigue.

Finally, we believe….that our team of over 100 field-based clinicians, who are with our customers every step of the way, are integral to ensuring each technology is utilized to its maximum extent to improve clinical outcomes. Our support does not stop at training. Our team of Clinical Outcomes Managers and Clinical Consultants partner with hospitals through the life of the solutions to support continued success.

These beliefs are based on experience. We perform over 600 IT implementations a year and have connected over 75,000 devices around the world.

In 1929, Hillrom was the first company to bring “the home into the hospital” and we hope to be the first to successfully bring healthcare into the digital age.

Solutions briefs

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