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Hillrom Idea Center

Thank you for your interest in submitting an idea or proposal to Hillrom. Each year, Hillrom receives many ideas and proposals from outside the company, and we appreciate the courtesy that you and others extend to Hillrom in this way.

We applaud your desire to improve the lives of patients and their caregivers, as this is the core of our mission. We must point out that Hillrom, like many companies, invests substantial amounts in its own research, development, and marketing efforts. Often we are working on the same problems, and a submitted idea is already known in public information or products, or has already been generated by a Hillrom employee. As can be understood, we cannot undertake any obligation which would in any way limit our ability to use or disclose the information submitted, as it may already be freely available to us from other sources or may be freely used by our competition. For these reasons, and to avoid any misunderstanding as to the terms of your submission, Hillrom receives such unsolicited ideas and proposals only on a non-confidential basis and according to the terms that follow per the link below. If you believe you may have proprietary rights in your submission, we urge you to contact your lawyer and take appropriate steps to apply for protection prior to making your submission to Hillrom.

By making your submission, you agree that Hillrom will have the unrestricted right to use and disclose any information received from you, without compensation, except to the extent that such information is validly protected under the patent or trademark laws or under any written contract which may later be signed by an officer of Hillrom. Therefore, do not submit any information to Hillrom that you intend to be kept confidential or trade secret, and we urge you to apply for and/or obtain a patent prior to presenting your submission to Hillrom. We believe the patent laws provide the best and fairest means for fairly and adequately protecting the interests of all concerned. Please note that nonconfidential disclosures of your idea, including your submission to Hillrom or the Hillrom Ideas Center Website, prior to filing a patent application, may result in loss of some or all potential patent rights. Again, we strongly recommend you consult your attorney prior to making your submission to Hillrom.

After you make your submission, if Hillrom has an interest in obtaining any additional details from you or discussing further, we will contact you. If appropriate, we may then consider accepting confidential information under a written confidentiality agreement, if approved and signed by an officer of Hillrom.

We believe you will find this process to be straightforward, fair, and similar to that of other companies. In fact, we believe our process exceeds those of some other companies who refuse to consider any unsolicited ideas.

We appreciate your desire to improve the lives of patients and their caregivers. Thank you for your submission and your interest in Hillrom.

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