Safe Transfers and Movement™ Program


Safe Transfers and Movement™ Program Overview

Progressa® Bed with StayInPlace™ Technology has 85% less patient migration.1
Help your caregivers move away from manual lifts to minimize injuries and reduce workers' compensation costs.2 The Hillrom® Safe Transfers and Movement™ Program gives you a comprehensive set of tools to help you create a safe environment for patients and staff. It brings together the rich clinical expertise of our people and the evidence-based design of our products to build a multifaceted safe patient-handling program that enhances clinical outcomes and financial results.

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Safe Transfers and Movement™ Clinical Outcome Goals


Within the Safe Transfers and Movement™ Program, you will find resources that have been built to help you achieve a safe lifting environment. Our evidence-based, thought-leader created guide can help you design, implement and measure the clinical and financial outcomes associated with the work you will do. Using the Fall Prevention Program can help your patients in many ways:

  • Fewer immobility complications.
  • Fewer patient falls and caregiver injuries.

  • Reduced workers’ compensation costs and
    non-reimbursable costs.
Safe patient handling interventions have been shown to reduce caregiver and patient injuries, as well as hospital costs.5

Safe Transfers and Movement™ Program - Resources

We have the key resources you need to implement the program and enhance the quality of patient care.

  • Calculate potential return on investment with an evidence-based financial impact model.
  • Implement the program and drive lasting culture change with help from our Safe Patient Handling Directors using a program development workshop, safe lifting demonstrations, a skills checklist and education aids.
  • Measure and help sustain clinical and financial success with the Impact Tracker® Quality Improvement Program.

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