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Clinical Solutions

Advancing Care through Clinical Collaboration and Leadership

Cancer hospital reduces ICU LOS by 35% and costs by 17% with Progressive Mobility® Program.1
At Hillrom we are committed to improving the quality of healthcare and continually making it more cost effective for you and your patients. We support organizations like yours every day with practical and sustainable clinical programs aimed at transforming patient care delivery across the health care industry.

Leveraging our partnerships with leading health care experts and associations, your local clinical outcomes manager will provide you evidence-based clinical programs. These programs complement the many products we provide to further enhance your clinical and economic outcomes. In this way, we believe that we can support you in an even greater capacity.

Achieving the Outcomes You Want

Our people use evidence-based programs we've developed with leading clinical experts to help you attain clinical and financial outcomes from your investment in connected technologies.

WOCN® Society and Hillrom published the first evidence and consensus-based surface algorithm for pressure injury prevention and treatment, taking the guesswork out of surface selection.

The new algorithm fills a major gap and will enable any hospital to look at their patients and equipment and ensure they are using ecidence-based practices to guide patient care.2

Count on Your Hillrom® Clinical Outcomes Manager

Your dedicated, local clinical expert brings practical program design and implementation experience, and gives you hands-on guidance throughout your quality improvement process.

We are able to drive change in our organization by sharing data with our staff and giving them real-time cues about where they stand on a daily basis. We've seen changes as high as 300% in compliance.3

Your clinical expert is here to help you:
  • Assess your current state against guidelines, benchmarks and your policies.
  • Design and implement clinical programs to your specific needs.
  • Educate and train your caregivers to sustain change.
  • Identify and track the clinical and financial outcomes that matter to you.

Clinical Solutions

Enhancing Patient Care and Safety with Evidence-Based Clinical Programs

Nationally recognized clinical experts collaborated with us to develop these quality improvement programs using the latest published literature and best practices.

The programs offer exclusive access to a comprehensive set of resources including:

  • Evidence-based protocols to be adapted in policies and procedures.
  • A financial return-on-investment (ROI) analysis to build the business case.
  • Consultation on product selection to facilitate the program.
  • Training for staff and leaders to help change the culture.
  • Train-the-trainer toolkits for scaling your program across your facility or health system.
  • Continuing education courses offered online or in-person.
  • Tools for measuring the clinical and financial results of your program.

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Measure the Results of Your Investment

Clinical Solutions
A multi-disciplinary team of caregivers reviewed and adopted the Progressive Mobility® Program protocol by working with their Clinical Outcomes Manager. They used existing Hillrom® ICU beds and lifts to mobilize their critically-ill cancer patients. Clinical and financial results were measured using Hillrom's exclusive Impact Tracker® Quality Improvement Program.

Following implementation of the Progressive Mobility® Program protocol, the hospital reduced ICU length of stay by 3.7 days or 35%. Ventilator days dropped by 0.3 days or 6%. These findings showed for the first time that cancer patients, even with a high severity of illness, can benefit from an early mobility protocol.

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