Fall Prevention Program


Fall Prevention Program Overview

Up to 1 million patients fall per year in US hospital; 29-55% result in injury.1,2
The Hillrom® Fall Prevention program is based on the latest clinical evidence and in partnership with nationally recognized clinical expert collaboration. We provide you with the tools and personal support to introduce a sustainable, multifaceted fall prevention program that may improve clinical outcomes for your patients and financial results for your organization.

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Fall Prevention Clinical Outcome Goals


Together, we can help you address inpatient falls by enhancing your current program or building a new one. Our evidence based, thought-leader created program can help you design, implement and measure the clinical and financial outcomes associated with the work you will do. Using the Fall Prevention Program can help your patients in many ways by:

  • Reducing costs for additional treatment
  • Reducing costs from shorter length of stay
  • Reducing mortality rates
  • Decreasing falls by as much as 30%
  • Lowering incidence of falls with injuries
Initiatives like the Hillrom® Fall Prevention Program have been shown to reduce risk of falls by as much as 30%. Our evidence-based and clinical expert validated protocol provides a foundation for your program.3

Fall Prevention Program - Resources

We have key resources you need to implement the program and enhance the quality of patient care.

  • Design the ideal patient environment with the RoomBuilder® Design Service
  • Calculate potential return on investment with an evidence-based financial impact model
  • Advance your policies and procedures with an evidence-based, population- specific protocol
  • Implement a program that drives lasting culture change with a train-the-trainer toolkit, case studies and education aids
  • Measure and help sustain clinical and financial success with the Impact Tracker™ Quality Improvement Program

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