2014 Annual Review | Hill-Rom®

2014 Annual Review

Welcome to our Hill-Rom 2014 Annual Review

In 2014, we continued to pursue our mission and execute our business strategies of deepening customer relationships, expanding globally, and pursuing smart acquisitions.


We advanced our clinical focus areas, building understanding of how to leverage people, products and programs to help patients achieve better outcomes. As you read on you’ll learn more about each of these efforts.



I hope you’ll take the time to read both reports, and that you’ll come away with a richer sense of who we are, where we’ve been and where we’re going.

We are proud of the impact we had in 2014 and are eager for the work that lies ahead to continue to improve outcomes for patients and their caregivers.




2014 Annual Review | Hill-Rom®


2014 Annual Review | Hill-Rom®

Our Hill‑Rom Commitment

Our Hill‑Rom Commitment translates our values into the practices that guide our work.


2014 Annual Review | Hill-Rom®
2014 Annual Review | Hill-Rom®

2014 Product Highlight

VitalCough™ System

The latest addition to Hill‑Rom’s Surgical and Respiratory Care portfolio, the VitalCough™ System, is a non-invasive therapy that stimulates coughing in a patient to help keep lungs clear. This is essential for preventing potentially serious infections like pneumonia. The system works by mechanically helping a patient inhale and exhale, in the process loosening secretions in the lungs which are then removed either via coughing or suction. The VitalCough System is intended for patients who have a weakened cough response or who cannot clear secretions on their own. It is designed to be easy to use in both acute and post-acute settings, helping support the transition from hospital to home for patients.

2014 Annual Review | Hill-Rom®

2014 Product Highlight

Centuris™ Bed

The Centuris™ bed was designed with fast-growing health care systems in mind. With an emphasis on balancing advanced technology with affordability, the Centuris bed offers essential safety and modern patient-care features in a bed designed to be a reliable, low-maintenance investment for years to come. The Centuris bed meets and exceeds international safety standards and delivers advanced design to hospitals modernizing their equipment. The bed includes intuitive controls and features that improve patient safety, support early mobilization, and ensure quick caregiver access in both routine and emergency situations. Maintenance is simple and straightforward by design, with easy-to-access main controls. The result is a bed that allows hospitals to choose modern, patient-focused and easy-to-maintain equipment for their growing organizations.

Deepen Customer Relationships


“We are not here to just deliver a product,” says Carlyn Solomon, Hill‑Rom Chief Operating Officer.  “We work to become partners with our customers, whether they’re big or small, helping them improve patient outcomes.”



Acquisitions: Introducing Trumpf Medical

Advanced Technology in the Surgical Suite:

Trumpf Medical is a major addition to our organization, more than doubling our surgical business and significantly expanding our presence in the operating room. Trumpf has a diverse line of integrated operating room solutions, including tables, modular equipment management systems, lighting and video solutions for the operating room.

Like Hill‑Rom, Trumpf has a history of pioneering technology, market-leading products and a reputation for quality and reliability. Its leading positions in surgical tables, surgical operating systems, and other operating room equipment is highly complementary to our Allen Medical and Aspen product lines, allowing us to offer a wide range of solutions for our surgical customers.

Major Innovations

1978 - First ceiling-mounted supply unit

1997- Patented OR table coupling point system

2005 - World’s first LED operating room lights

2010 - First ceiling-mounted supply unit with modular design

“The addition of Trumpf is a major milestone for our surgical care business,”

says Taylor Smith, Senior Vice President, Surgical and Respiratory Care.

“Trumpf significantly expands our product offerings for the surgical suite.  In just our first few months of working together, customers are already responding enthusiastically to the expanded opportunities presented by our combined portfolio.”

Among Trumpf’s most recent product innovations is the Trumpf iLED 7™ ‘smart light’ for the operating room – a lighting system with integrated sensors that analyze and adapt to the surgical environment. Sensors throughout the Trumpf iLED 7 continually monitor and adjust to changes in lighting, including shadows caused by the movement of the surgeons, to provide optimal lighting throughout a procedure. Another recent introduction is the TruSystem 7000dV™, a mobile OR table that combines optimal docking and patient positioning for robot-assisted surgery, which provides surgeons with improved access for greater efficiency during surgery.

“Trumpf and Hill‑Rom are an excellent team for our company and for surgeons,” says Smith. “We each are committed to deeply understanding and responding to the needs of our customers by leveraging technology to improve patient care.”

Global Presence


1/3 in emerging and
developing markets


20% United States

80% Outside US


Major Product Lines

  • Surgical and
    Examination Lights
  • Operating Tables
  • Ceiling-mounted
    Supply Units
  • Operating Room Integration Systems
  • Video Solutions
2014 Annual Review | Hill-Rom®
2014 Annual Review | Hill-Rom®
2014 Annual Review | Hill-Rom®

Global Expansion

2014 Annual Review | Hill-Rom®

Direct Channel

Distributor Channel

Manufacturing Site

Global Highlight

Clinical Spotlight

Early Mobility in the ICU

In 2014, we continued our work to advance understanding of the importance of early mobility, working with teams at the Cleveland Clinic and the University of Pennsylvania to build understanding of how to turn research into practice.

“With advances in medicine, many patients can survive serious illnesses, but a recovery in the ICU bears its own risks. The research shows us early mobility helps mitigate those risks,” says Kate Klein, ACNP-BC, Neurologic Intensive Care Unit at the Cleveland Clinic. “Watching a patient who has been through a serious recovery get up and stand or even take a few steps shows how powerful early movement can be.”

Taking the Guesswork Out of Surface Selection

Today’s hospital beds are anything but “just beds.”  Advanced frames and surfaces support treatment goals and help protect against complications like pressure ulcers.  Unfortunately, the absence of an evidenced-based tool to guide clinical decisions regarding which surface is right for which patient left hospital staff guessing.

Hill‑Rom worked with the Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society (WOCN) to convene an interdisciplinary panel to develop the world’s first evidence- and consensus-based surface-selection algorithm for patient surface selection.

  • 2014 Annual Review | Hill-Rom®

    Advancing Mobility

    Medical technology designed to promote the early mobilization and safe transfer of patients.

  • 2014 Annual Review | Hill-Rom®

    Wound Care and Prevention

    Solutions to treat and
    prevent wounds.

  • 2014 Annual Review | Hill-Rom®

    Clinical Workflow

    Solutions that automate the clinical environment to improve safety
    and efficiency.

  • 2014 Annual Review | Hill-Rom®

    Surgical Safety and Efficiency

    Surgical products and positioning technology designed to promote safety and procedural efficiency.

  • 2014 Annual Review | Hill-Rom®

    Respiratory Health

    Airway clearance devices that help patients breathe easier across all care settings.

2014 Annual Review | Hill-Rom®Philanthropy

In the last seven years, the program has repurposed more than 7,000 pieces of equipment, which were delivered to sites in 35 countries. In 2014, the program continued to grow as we reconditioned and donated more than 2,400 products, which went to countries such as Haiti, Guatemala, Sierra Leone, and Burkina Faso. Donations included hospital furnishings, hospital beds, surgical supplies, and exam room equipment.

Over our 85-year history, contributing to the well-being of the communities in which we live and work has been an essential part of Hill‑Rom. We provide medical supplies to institutions in need in developing parts of the world, support a wide array of local organizations through volunteer and financial donations, and ensure our environmental footprint is responsible and actively managed.

Environmental Awareness

Attention to our environmental impact is an important priority for our company. Our teams are constantly looking for new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. Reducing or eliminating waste and continuously improving our business activities is a core commitment. Through trade-in or buy-back many of our products can be refurbished and returned to the market rather than discarded to a landfill.

Hill‑Rom routinely recycles plastic, copper, aluminum, steel, batteries, aerosol cans, wood, coolants, oils, cleaning solvents, fluorescent light bulbs, electronic components, cardboard and office paper. Our efforts to “go paperless” are showing impact with a reduced amount of waste paper generated in our operations. Our recycling efforts have recaptured nearly 5,000 tons of metal, 2,800 tons of cardboard, 900 tons of wood, 148 tons of plastics and 41 tons of office paper.

Nearly every site has been involved in a multi-year effort to replace outdated equipment, install energy efficient lighting and improve energy management systems to reduce electricity and natural gas consumption. Through these and other efforts, we continuously work to make managing our environmental impact a priority throughout our organization.


tons of metal


tons of cardboard


tons of wood


tons of plastics



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2014 Annual Review | Hill-Rom®